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What is Soft Washing: Though the technique of "Soft Washing" has been around for years it has only recently gained popularity in the the past decade or so.  It is more common on the East Coast and the throughout the SE United States, where it is estimated to have displaced the traditional Power Washing Industry by as much as 90%.  This is for one basic reason - It Simply WORKS BETTER!  

Whereas pressure washing attempts to use extreme force (upwards of 4200 psi!) to clean surfaces, Soft Washing uses low pressure (typically    60-90 psi) and gentle detergents to looses dirt and kill organic growth such as algae, lichen and moss .  This is precisely why

Cascade ProWash can GUARANTEE our work far longer than any other exterior cleaning company in the area - up to two years!

Other Considerations: When deciding on a company to entrust your home or business to, some questions to consider include:


1. Are you Insured?  Many (if not most) pressure washing "handy men" do not carry adequate insurance to cover physical injury or accidental property damage.  The last thing any homeowner or property management company needs is a claim on their policy because a contractor was under-insured or not insured at all.  Chances are good these handy man business are less expensive - but is that worth the risk?  Cascade ProWash carries $2,000,000 of coverage for professional liability and accidental injury.  Additionally, Soft Washing can nearly always be done from the ground level, so walking roofs is not necessary. This greatly reduces the likelihood of an on-the-job injury. 


2. Are you professionally trained?  One of the best ways to determine how knowledgable someone is is to ask them how they would clean a variety of surfaces (asphalt versus metal roofing, fencing, siding, concrete walkways, etc.). If their answer to everything is "Pressure Wash It", then it's very unlikely they're up to speed on industry standards of practice.  Different detergents and techniques are needed for different surfaces, and specific knowledge is required to best clean and avoid damage.  This is particularly important with sensitive materials such as hardboard siding, cedar and a variety of other porous surfaces.  

3. Do you guarantee your work?  There are really only two answers to this question - a confident "yes" or a sheepish "well . . .".  

If a contractor is providing any number of reasons or explanations of why a guarantee is not needed, then chances are they won't be very responsive once payment clears.  Included with every quote here at Cascade Prowash is a Written Guarantee of our services.  Depending on what is cleaned and its initial condition this can be as long as TWO YEARS!

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